How I work

I have spent more than 15 years learning as much as I could about each of the below areas. As the digital world is continuously evolving, staying ahead of the curve and keeping on top of the changes is often a full-time job. That's where I come in!


I have an excellent understanding of all the below areas of digital marketing and have actively managed all these areas in many of my previous roles on an everyday basis. My aim is to help you and your company create a robust and effective digital marketing strategy that can be tweaked and extended as your company grows.


I may be involved for a few months to get things up and running, cover a short term vacancy or perhaps just a few weeks to get you back on track after COVID-19.


Wherever you need some marketing and PR support, I can help.

The Wall of Ideas

Organic Growth
This is focused on people finding you online through organic reach and growth, this could be through brilliant SEO or a post seen on social media channels.


This is everything from starting from scratch to build a mailing list, cleansing/maintaining a current list and bringing onto a new platform, through to growing a list and learning about your customers. From setting up and running a one off mailshot through to a series of personalised email campaigns, I can advise and help with your requirements.


Paid Search
This could be paid search on social media or Google Adwords. Whether that be a small budget to get you going through to tweaks to your existing campaigns.

Content Marketing

This area is varied and can include anything from blogs, videos, downloadable PDFs, white papers or even info-graphics. Ask me for some examples of my work.

Social Media
Looking after your social media channels in todays digital environment is vital to keep that personal touch with your customers and meet future prospects. Be that Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or TikTok, social media channels should not be ignored in an overall digital strategy. 


Affiliates & Referrals
A detailed look into how are people finding you and making their way to your website and how other similar or linked businesses can encourage your reach



In short this means website traffic – this often includes external marketing (printed, TV, radio) that drives people to your site. Learn more about how they found you, track their journey to you and learn how to get more customers just like them.